When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 6 Spoilers: An Old Foe of Elizabeth's Returns

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It's always exciting when a series revisits old characters and storylines.

On When Calls the Heart, Season 11 Episode 6, Thomas Higgins, Elizabeth's old foe and the Superintendent of the School Board, returns to cause trouble.

According to the weekly promo and the photos, he seems even more determined to destroy her career and reputation than he was before.

When Call the Heart Season 11 Episode 6 Spoiler Collage - When Calls the Heart

Thomas Higgins last appeared in When Calls the Heart Season 4 Episode 11 when he wrote a letter that caused Elizabeth to get fired. He only wrote it because she turned him down and sexually harassed her again, hinting he would make it disappear if she dated him.

Elizabeth found proof that he had sexually harassed other teachers, too, and was reinstated, so Higgens likely carries a massive grudge against her.

It's a shame we couldn't bring back Landis instead. While initially set in his ways about how the Valley School District should be run, he changed his mind after seeing Elizabeth in action.

I had hoped Elizabeth would've been dealing with a reasonable school board.

Playing Games - When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 6

Unfortunately, Higgins returns with only one goal—to destroy Elizabeth. Just seeing him again puts Elizabeth on edge, even though she's usually laid-back.

He strives to make her feel uncomfortable by charming the governor with his ideas since Lucas has never met him before.

Even worse, Higgens appears to have selected his next target, Anna, and she's fallen prey to his spell. He seems to have a thing for teachers.

It's also likely that if he wants to fire Elizabeth, he's setting Anna up to replace her, which is also uncomfortable since Anna has known Elizabeth since she was young.

Elizabeth does not want her protege to suffer the way she did, so she will strive to protect Anna from the charming snake.

While spoilers tease that Nathan helps Elizabeth find the courage to confront Higgins, hopefully, we'll also see some playful scenes between them and their children as things become more serious.

It would also be heartwarming if Higgins saw as Landis did how much of a difference Elizabeth makes in everyone's lives in Hope Valley.

While he may not care much, that fact is difficult to deny, and the Hope Valley tribe always stands by her.

Supporting Elizabeth - When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 6

When Calls the Heart Season 11 has invested time in fleshing out Mike and Mei's romantic relationship, making them one of the candidates for the teased weddings this season.

So far, they've had an intimate first kiss, and Mei has met and bonded with his sister. But Mike hasn't learned much about her family.

That's about to change after they chat about Mei's mother's cooking, and she decides to prepare her favorite dish for Mike as a romantic dinner.

It looks like the whole nine yards, but Mei gets nervous and even asks Florence for advice, not having a motherly figure nearby.

Needing Advice - When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 6

It appears this will be a massive night for both of them, and hopefully, this time, it will happen with no interruptions since Lucas, Elizabeth, and the children will have their romantic picnic.

We haven't seen Mei cook much, and it's endearing that she wants to prepare a family dish for Mike.

So few romantic interludes occur on screen, so it would be fun to watch them enjoy dinner and have a meaningful conversation about where their relationship is going.

It's time to believe in some romantic magic again on the show.

Planning a Date - When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 6

Additional spoilers tease that the Coulters adjust to Lee's new role as the mayor while Rosemary and Bill search for more evidence to prove who shot Lucas.

This has been an exciting arc since Hope Valley has its own whodunit mystery, and Bill and Rosemary have become like "buddy cops." We're used to seeing Bill team up with Nathan or Rosemary to help Elizabeth, so it brings a different dynamic.

Rosemary brings Bill out of his shell, and he keeps her grounded while they investigate the different clues.

We can't wait to see what they'll uncover next. With Thomas Higgens showing up so randomly, he could be connected to Edwin, who seems to know everyone shady. Time will tell.

Lastly, Lucas is starting to take bids for the resort again. Mike's sister, Maisy, also hates the resort project, so hopefully, this idea actually happens.

I suspect we've seen the last of Jeanette, so who do you think will invest in his latest endeavor? I suspect Edwin is controlling the project from within, but it would be interesting to see Henry or Lee even more involved.

It started off as a Hope Valley project. It should remain in Hope Valley with the investors, the builders, and the architects. We all know that when too many people get involved, things go wrong.

Hopefully, Lucas finds some investors that he can trust and rely on.

Job on the Line - When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 6

What do you want to see the most in "Believe," Hearties? How do you feel about Thomas Higgins' return?

Are you enjoying more focus on Mike and Mei's courtship?

We would love to hear your thoughts, so please share them with us below.

When Calls the Heart airs at 9/8c on Sundays on the Hallmark Channel.

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When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episode 6 Quotes

Mei: My mother was the most amazing cook. I would have loved to bring you home for dinner.
Mike: And then she could have told embarrassing stories of you as a kid

Thomas: Good morning, Mrs. Thornton. Thomas Higgins.
Elizabeth: I could hardly forget. What are you doing here?