Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton comes from a wealthy family and moves to a small Canadian town called Hope Valley to take a teaching position.

She falls in love with Mountie Jack Thornton, who subsequently dies while on the job. Elizabeth finds solace and a genuine home in the loving arms of her friends and neighbors and quickly becomes a cherished member of the community.

Elizabeth was pregnant at the time of Jack's death, and she has raised Baby Jack as a single mother.

Elizabeth has recently found love again and gotten engaged to Lucas Bouchard.

Elizabeth Thornton Quotes

Elizabeth: You know, people pay a lot of money to take the waters at hot springs. There's Colorado Springs. Saratoga Springs.
Bill: Health nuts, you mean.
Elizabeth: May I ask you what is going on? Did something happen with the doctors in Union City?
Bill: Do you always meddle so much? [sighs] All the doctors can agree on is that they don't know anything. There's something wrong with my lungs. I'm sure all those investigations in the mines didn't help much.
Elizabeth: Faith would never betray your confidence, but I understand she made some suggestions.
Bill: Suggestions. Experimental treatments. Wild ideas that sound like a bunch of hooey and a lot of effort.
Elizabeth: Bill, we don't know what's to come, but there is one thing we can do, and that is be open to new experiences. Live life in the moment. Carpe diem!
Bill: Carpe what?
Elizabeth: Seize the day.

So it's true? You got a dog? Awww. [looks at Nathan] Did you have to throw him in jail?

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When Calls the Heart Quotes

I have one of these at the office; I do not need one in my house.


Bill: From now on, you just mind your own business. Leave the law and order to me.
Nathan: Yeah, I can't do that.
Bill: Why's that?
Nathan: Because I'm your new Mountie, Nathan Grant.