Ex-army intelligence officer Addison Augustine works in the Quantum Leap program.

During Dr. Ben Song's leaps, she is his guide and appears in a hologram that only he can see and hear.

Actress Caitlin Bassett plays Addison Augustine on the NBC series reboot Quantum Leap.


Addison Augustine Quotes

Tom: I didn’t pass my first time either.
Addison: That is true. Tom and I may have failed this a few times at Fort Rucker.
Tom: Except we were shooting at cardboard cutouts.
Addison: That was thirteen years ago. Things have progressed.
Tom: Yeah, we’re old. Don’t remind me.

Ben: What if it actually works and you have to go back in time?
Addison: That’s the mission.
Ben: Yeah, yeah, I know. But it just seems crazy. Right? That you have to risk your life.
Addison: That’s the mission, Ben. That’s why they call it military service. We dedicate our lives and yeah, you sometimes risk them, in service of something greater. The greater goal than any one of us could accomplish alone. It’s my job, and it makes me happy doing it.
Ben: I know, but what if we… what if I lose you?
Addison: Then you’ll come find me.

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Quantum Leap Quotes

Look, I’m not trying to tell you how to do your job. I’m just merely offering a counterpoint from someone who has impeccable taste in music.


Addison: Have you been hiding?
Ben: Hiding? No, I was just in a different section of the apartment.
Addison: You mean the bathroom where you were hiding from the party you didn’t want to have?
Ben: I love parties. Having everyone in here, touching all our stuff. I would’ve proposed way sooner if I knew we got to do this.