Addison: You want us to stop helping him.
Janis: No, I want you to stop doubting him. You say you trust him. Well, there is a very good reason he didn’t tell you anything, Addison. Because the problem with information is that the only place we can really keep it secret is in our mind. Because once you say it out loud to someone else in a world with a quantum accelerator, everyone knows.

As doctors, we vow to do no harm. That means putting the lives of our patients before all else.


Ever since this custody battle started, I’ve been preparing for the worst - life without my son. Wasn’t until today, seeing my father all alone, that I finally understood how sad and lonely that could be. He may not have been the best father, or even a good one for that matter, but he doesn’t deserve to go out feeling like he’s got no one.


I’m sorry that I’m not particularly sympathetic to your ignorance, but in this case, I can promise you ignorance is bliss.


Ben: What if the moment of truth comes and I fail? What if all of this was for nothing and I let you down?
Addison: Okay, first of all, I can save myself, so let’s just put that on the table right now. Okay? Secondly, if that time comes, if I am in a life and death situation, I know I’m not going to be alone. I’ll have you, Ben.

Today was a lot. What these doctors and nurses have to deal with on a daily basis – the constant life and death stakes? Those folks are heroes.


Addison: Wow, look at you, bringing life into the world.
Ben: It was like a miracle. But also something I never want to have to do again.
Addison: That is fair.

We can’t change the past. We can’t change the choices we’ve made, but we can change what we do moving forward. We do this one step at a time. Together from now on.


We can’t always protect the people we love the way we’d like to.


You two still have so much time you can share. Don’t waste even one minute being afraid.


That’s the thing about this job. You only really sleep when it ends.


Ben: She doesn’t seem like a killer, does she?
Addison: Most killers don’t seem like killers, Ben. That’s why they’re successful.

Quantum Leap Quotes

Time goes by / I live my life / Traveling down the road / Open my eyes to clear blue skies / But I’m feeling all alone / A one-way ticket / That’s the price you pay / Another day / Another song / Traveling on / But I’m making my way back home

Carly and Jamie

Ben: Some people assume that because I’m a physicist, I can’t be romantic. What they don’t realize is science is romance.
Jenn: Yeah, I’m sorry I asked for that speech now.
Ben: I’m serious. Take the law of entanglement. Once two particles experience a shared state, they’re no longer separate entities. They exist as one, even when separated by great distances.