Carla is a one of the hardest working nurses at Sacred Heart on Scrubs and is played by Judy Reyes.  Carla is from the Dominican Republic and quickly dates Turk upon him coming to Sacred Heart.  The two eventually marry and have a daughter, Isabella, together.  Carla is very experienced and frequently looks over the new class of interns.

Carla Espinosa Quotes

Turk: Baby, J.D. is my best friend, but, listen, if you need me to kick his ass, I will kick his ass! 'Cause I care for you.
Carla: And 'cause I'm willing to sleep with you.
Turk: Hell, yeah

Turk: You ever notice how a tumor looks just like cheese?
Carla: Is that good cocktail conversation?
J.D.: I had this patient today, thought he had blood in his stool? Turned out to be pimento!
Carla: Mmgh.
J.D.: What?
Elliot: I worked on a homeless guy who vomited up an entire mitten. I mean, that's not gonna stop me from wearing mine when it's cold out!
Carla: What is wrong with you people? We have a good bottle of wine, we all look nice for once - can we please talk about something other than work? Please?
Turk: Name an actress. J.D. could tell you which movie she appeared in naked.
Carla: I'm gonna go put on my pajamas. I can't believe I shaved my legs for this

Scrubs Quotes

Dr. Cox: Oh, you're gonna hang onto that?
Molly: Yeah, you know, I forgot my lunch money, and it's kielbasa day in the cafeteria. Kielbasa!

Dr. Kelso: Son, a hospital staff is like a melting pot! We all need to respect each other. Now, if you think that a specific ethnic group is loud or lazy or sneaky...
J.D.: Or ridiculously closed-minded and inappropriate...
Dr. Kelso: Exactly!... Just keep it to yourself, dammit!