Josh Madden met Kendall Hart, Greenlee Lavery and Simone Torres when he caught the three breaking into his father Greg's fertility clinic to steal Greenlee's husband sperm. Josh agreed to keep the secret, but later blackmailed Kendall so that she'd use her influence with her mother, Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), to get Josh a job as a producer of Erica's new talk show.

His ploy worked and Erica hired him, quickly impressed with his skills. Greg was furious to learn that Josh was working for Erica, which Josh chalked up to Greg's controlling nature and longtime crush on Erica...

Mother: Erica Kane
Fathers: Greg Madden (adoptive; deceased), Jeff Martin (biological)
Stepfather: Jackson Montgomery
Siblings: Kendall Hart (half-sister), Bianca Montgomery (half-sister)
Stepsiblings: Lily Montgomery, Reggie Montgomery, Greenlee Lavery
Grandfathers: Eric Kane (deceased), Joe Martin (biological)
Grandmothers: Mona Kane (deceased), Helen Martin (deceased)
Niece: Miranda Montgomery
Nephew: Spike Lavery Aunts: Tara Martin, Silver Kane (deceased)
Uncles: Mark Dalton, Jake Martin, Tad Martin (adoptive)
Cousins: Jamie Martin (adoptive), Kate Martin (adoptive), Julie Rand, Kelsey Jefferson, Charlie Brent
Brother-in-law: Zach Slater
Significant Romantic Relationships: Babe Chandler

All My Children Quotes

Greenlee Smythe Lavery: Just - I tried to remember when we weren't stressed to the max. Our honeymoon may have been the best time ever. I was just hoping that maybe tonight we could feel like that for just a few hours, let you remember how much I love you, how happy I am that I'm your wife, just like that night.
Ryan Lavery: Come here.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: What? What are you...
Ryan Lavery: I remember everything. I remember it was going to be the first time that we made love as husband and wife. And I remember thinking to myself that my bullet wound was easy compared to waiting to make love to you. I wanted you so bad. I want you now. I want you right now.

Ryan: Do you feel that?
Gillian: Your heartbeat.
Ryan: OUR heartbeat.