Self-reliant, confident, sexy and fun, Krystal usually had a man on her arm, but her daughter Babe has always been her first priority. When Babe called and revealed that she had married JR Chandler and was living in the lap of luxury, Krystal was proud of her "baby doll." In an attempt to get more information on Babe, Tad Martin visited Krystal in Texas (where she was residing) with tales of Pine Valley...

Husband: Adam Chandler
Children: Babe Chandler (with David Hayward),, Jenny Martin (with Tad Martin)
Stepchildren: JR Chandler, Hayley Vaughan Santos, Skye Quartermaine, Colby Chandler
Grandchildren: Adam Chandler III
Stepgrandchildren: Lorenzo Santos, Adam Chandler III
Son-in-law: JR Chandler, Mateo Santos
Brother-in-law: Stuart Chandler
Sister-in-law: Marian Chandler
Significant Romantic Relationships: Tad Martin, Adam Chandler (married)

All My Children Quotes

Greenlee Smythe Lavery: Just - I tried to remember when we weren't stressed to the max. Our honeymoon may have been the best time ever. I was just hoping that maybe tonight we could feel like that for just a few hours, let you remember how much I love you, how happy I am that I'm your wife, just like that night.
Ryan Lavery: Come here.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: What? What are you...
Ryan Lavery: I remember everything. I remember it was going to be the first time that we made love as husband and wife. And I remember thinking to myself that my bullet wound was easy compared to waiting to make love to you. I wanted you so bad. I want you now. I want you right now.

Ryan: Do you feel that?
Gillian: Your heartbeat.
Ryan: OUR heartbeat.