Alicia and Angus - The Ark Season 1 Episode 7
Alicia and Angus leaning over a computer trying to solve a problem.

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The Ark
The Ark Season 1 Episode 7: "A Slow Death is Worse"
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The Ark Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Lane: Thank you, Mr. Trust. Your backdoor codes just saved a lot of lives.
William Trust: I've just got two questions. Where the hell am I? And why?

Dr. Kabir: Hey, she could still be alive on earth!
Felix: Robert wouldn't have left if she was alive. I shouldn't have left them. I should've stayed on earth.
Dr. Kabir: You had no choice! You told me you were ordered to be on Ark One.
Felix: I should have disobeyed orders!