An Affectionate Team - Fantasy Island
On Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 2, Ruby (Kiara Barnes) and Elena (Roselyn Sanchez) reassure Javier (John G. Rodriguez)

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Fantasy Island
Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 2: "Hurricane Helene/The Bachelor Party"
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Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Ruby: You know what? I’ll plan Mateo’s bachelor party.
Roarke: That seems like the opposite of what’s going to make you feel better after a break-up.
Ruby: Well, maybe basking in somebody’s joy will be good for me.
Roarke: Okay, but no strippers.

Helene: My fantasy is to find him.
Ruby: Your father?
Helene: My biological father. Y’know, with my mom gone, I just feel kind of untethered. I want to be connected to something. Like, what if I need a kidney?