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Roarke and Ruby prepare to greet their guests. Roarke suggests that Ruby smile and cheer up for the guests. Ruby confesses she really misses Gina. Roarke invites her over in the evening for a break-up movie marathon, but Ruby declines.

Javier brings in the first guest group, Mateo, Shawn, and Eli. Mateo’s getting married and Shawn is his best man and Eli is his groomsman. Each of them has his own fantasy planned.

The other guest, Helene Reyes is asleep on the plane with a full eye mask on. Elena has to fetch her from the plane. She’s unimpressed with the three bros she had to share her plane with.

Helene explains her mother conceived her during a hurricane in Belize when she thought she was going to die. Her mom raised her alone and they were very close. She died a year ago. Helene wants to find her biological father. All she knows is her mother called him ‘Sunshine’ and he had a really great smile.

Elena brings Helene to the front of the resort and tells her to choose a path. Her fantasy will evolve through her doing whatever feels right. Helene asks if her dad might be one of the three bros on the plane. Elena says she doesn’t know but that it is significant that they are all there together.

Ruby offers to plan Mateo’s bachelor party, working through her break-up blues. Roarke agrees under the condition that there are no strippers.

Shawn’s fantasy is to be free of fear. Eli’s is to be a chick-magnet. Mateo wants to know what might’ve happened years ago if he’d stayed with a woman he met while traveling.

Eli leaves the group for a woman in a yellow bikini. Elena takes Mateo for a walk, and Ruby takes Shawn to a tattoo hut.

Elena brings Mateo to a door. His fantasy is through it. He hesitates. She leaves and gives him time to decide. Helene has followed them and is watching from behind a plant.

Mateo heads through. Helene follows.

She follows him down a street to a cafe where he is identified as an American by the server. Helene thinks it’s her mother.

Elena drives Javier to her hacienda.

Ruby walks with Shawn. He’s enjoying the sensation of not worrying about every possible thing. He asks about Ruby’s tattoo and she tells him the story of how she started her new life on the Island with the tattoo. She shares her only fears are singing in public and being alone for the rest of her life.

When they arrive at the hut, Ruby’s surprised not to see Isla, the woman who tattooed her. The proprietor says there’s never been an Isla at that hut.

Shawn chooses a koi fish to symbolize his new courage. He tells Ruby he’ll be okay doing it on his own.

Mateo asks for a bowl of paella and the server agrees to get him some. Helene leaves because the woman is definitely not her mother and finds Elena waiting outside. Elena points out they’re in Spain, not Belize. She also points out that Mateo could still be her father since Barcelona is only one place he’s been in his life.

Elena also comments that Helene is the first guest she’s ever seen follow another guest into their fantasy. She recommends Helene try to go with the flow and take a seat. Helene sits only to discover she’s now on a boat at sea.

She isn’t able to start the motor but notices some bubbles right before Shawn surfaces in scuba gear. She tells him she thinks she’s his daughter.

Ruby’s setting up the party when Elena finds her. She confesses that she’s worried there’s something wrong with her that drove Gina away. Roarke recommends performing a ceremony for closure.

Shawn assures Helene that he never had sex with her mother. He suggests that maybe it’s Eli.

Mateo is reliving the day he spent with Camilla in Barcelona when he decides to change up what they did. The minute he does, they are spotted by Camilla’s very angry husband.

Helene approaches Eli, reassuring him that she’s not hitting on him, to ask him a question.

Elena serves Shawn fugu sashimi. She suggests he should figure out what he’s really afraid of. Helene takes Elena’s seat when she leaves and tells him Eli’s never been to Belize. Shawn says she could take another look at Mateo.

Mateo and Camilla evade her husband. He tells her about Sophie, his fiancée. Realizing he’s been comparing Sophie to a mirage, he parts ways with Camilla. Elena arrives with a drink and escorts him to the party.

Helene approaches Mateo to ask him about Belize but before he can answer her question, Shawn’s grabbed the mic and declared his love for Eli publicly.

Eli hugs Shawn and tells him he loves him too but not that way. They agree it’s going to be awkward for a while. Before he goes to join them in a group hug, Mateo tells Helene that he was in Belize a few years ago.

The men share a drink. Eli admits that he didn’t break up with his last girlfriend. She left him and that was disheartening. What Shawn said brought him back.

Elena takes Helene for a walk.

Shawn brings the mic over to Ruby and tells her it’s time for her to face her fear of singing in public.

Helene is disappointed in her experience on Fantasy Island. What she really needs is her mother back and a hug to make everything okay. Elena tells her to come with her.

Helene walks further through the glade and straight into a tropical hurricane. A woman comes out to check on her. It’s her mother when she was in the Belize. She hugs Helene and tells her it’s going to be okay. She tells Helene to come somewhere safe with her. A young Javier runs out and directs them to a shelter he’s found. Roarke is stunned.

Ruby is singing on the stage when Roarke and Helene return to the party to find Javier. Helene approaches him and they talk about Hurricane Helene. She tells him she’s Blue’s daughter. He realizes she’s his daughter and asks if he can hug her.

Ruby has her closure ceremony, burning all the tokens that remind her of Gina. Afterwards, she strips down and takes a swim in the ocean. Isla appears next to her and tells her she swims there often at night. She hopes they’ll meet again.

The men depart on Javier’s plane but Roarke offers Helene the option to stay awhile and get to know her father. Helene checks to see if that’s okay with Javier. He’s grateful to Roarke for making the offer. Roarke fills Ruby in on this development, suspecting life’s about to get interesting.


Fantasy Island
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Fantasy Island Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Ruby: You know what? I’ll plan Mateo’s bachelor party.
Roarke: That seems like the opposite of what’s going to make you feel better after a break-up.
Ruby: Well, maybe basking in somebody’s joy will be good for me.
Roarke: Okay, but no strippers.

Helene: My fantasy is to find him.
Ruby: Your father?
Helene: My biological father. Y’know, with my mom gone, I just feel kind of untethered. I want to be connected to something. Like, what if I need a kidney?