Danny and Baez rely on an unlikely informant to help them solve a murder on Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5.

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Blue Bloods
Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5: "Homefront"
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Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

Bugs: You want me to go undercover? No, no, you want me to get shot again! That's a terrible thing to do.
Danny: I didn't want you to get shot in the first place.

Erin: Abigail. I didn't know you were here.
Abigail: Could you close the door?
Erin: Did my father send you?
Abigail: No.
Erin: Does he know you're here?
Abigail: I didn't want to bother him with this.
Erin: You don't seem like the type to skip work lightly.
Abigail: I haven't taken a day off since I was assaulted.