Bill Astride a Horse - Deputy Season 1 Episode 7
When a massive fire breaks out and the LAFD needs the help of the Sheriff’s department, one of Bill’s deputies discovers a suspicious car in the forest that leads them to a missing girl. Maggie learns the consequences of Bill’s new job when reporters stake out their house for answers. Meanwhile, Cade and Teresa try to figure out the best way to broach an uncomfortable conversation with their foster children.

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Deputy Season 1 Episode 7: "Search and Rescue"
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Deputy Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Tulsa: You don't have to do what you're gonna do, OK? I will be good. I will be better than good. I promise.
Roger: I know you will. I thought about that. You just got too old.

The baby means you're gonna get rid of us, doesn't it?