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Paula doesn't like the paparazzi outside their house.

She's not pleased that her husband is now the news.

News of a fire is on the television, and Paula wonders if Bill will be going there.

Maggie, who claims to have the flu, wants Bill to go back to being a deputy.

Cade and Teresa have a minute to chat. They're going to "tell them" tonight. Teresa worries it's too soon. So, she's pregnant! It's early, and she doesn't want anyone to get excited if they lose another pregnancy.

Roberto was listening. He says, "the baby means you're gonna get rid of us, doesn't it?"

Bill has to take some training and refuses.

Bill and Brianna are chatting in the truck when it gets t-boned.

Brianna has a concussion and back pain. They want her to stay due to her injuries. Bill assures her he can manage his day.

Cade drops by the hospital. He and Bill check in with each other, and Cade gives him the news on the pregnancy.

Bill gets a call from one of the deputies. He found a car with blood on the scene. Apparently, Bill Hollister knows the forest better than the trees.

Bill offers Cade's services.

Maggie's friends come over during ditch day. So much for the flu!

One girl asks about a liquor cabinet.

Cade prepares his team as they begin the search for an old Bonneville to ID the owner.

Maggie finds a paparazzi outside her window, and she chases him right off of the property. When he acts like an ass, she puts him on his.

Cade's team finds the Bonneville. He recognizes that a girl could be in trouble.

The girl is sprinting through the woods right now.

Bill is coordinating a grid search by air while Cade is heading up to the mountain.

The trunk is filled with shovels and lime.

Bill is chatting with someone who seems to be a publicist.

Tulsa Vaughn has been missing for two years since she was 13.

The key to interviews is to answer questions with a question.

Brianna is alone in the hospital. Paula says there's a tick up in her thyroid and she's not pleased about the intrusion into her health.

Saved by Maggie on TV in the video that was taken after the guy flattened her.

Bill joins Cade in the mountains.

Bill goes under the car to find a serial number on the bottom of the engine. That should help ID the owner.

Bill tracks the direction of Tulsa and the driver.

Joseph and Charlie are called to run the engine number and check out the address.

Bill and Cade take to the forest on horseback to hunt for the girl wanting to be updated about the fire so they don't get boxed in.

Tulsa is still sprinting. She runs into a couple of guys and asks for help from the guy who is limping towards her. He shoots the guys.

Roger Durbin is the car owner. When they get to his house, a girl is screaming for help. Charlie and Joseph enter and find two girls chained to an old bed.

Bill and Cade get to the kids who got shot. The poor kid was shot right into the chest, but there is no exit wound.

Bill leaves Cade with the boy.

Tulsa falls down the hill, Roger hot on her trail. He says he's not mad. He just wants to know what happened. She twisted her ankle. She got too old for him, so he's going to kill her and put her into a clearing to which he expects her to walk.

She's fooled him. She maces his eyes, but she doesn't get far enough.

Paula is home, asking about Maggie and the paparazzi. She's angry that Maggie put herself into a position that made it easy to get stalked.

Life is about what you're given and what you do with you're given.

Maggie hopes they don't have to tell dad, and it makes Paula laugh.

Brianna wants to talk about what happened today.

Brianna feels selfish telling Paula her issues when she just got kidnapped.

The accident forced Brianna's hand. All she knows for sure is that she's not all woman.

She worries about how Genevieve will take it. Paula says Bishop is remarkable, and if she's rejected, then Genevieve didn't deserve her int he first place.

Joseph and Charlie try to get one of the girls' names. Maria.

Things aren't so easy with the other girl. She's older. Maria's wrists are cut and bruised while the other girl, Janet Wilcox, is Roger's wife.

Janet is on Charlie's last nerve. Roger started bringing home girls when she got older and used up. She explains about the girls getting old and too smart.

Tulsa tries to convince Roger to make her his new Janet like Maria is the new Tulsa.

He won't shoot her where they stand because she needs to be with the other girls.

Charlie gets a description of where Roger takes the girls.

Roger is tying Tulsa to a tree and blindfolding her because it has to be done.

She hears the horse coming near her. Bill sneaks up on Roger from another angle. Roger shoots Bill and runs off, but Bill attends to Tulsa first.

He asks her to be brave just a little bit longer and promises she doesn't have to be scared ever again.

Bill mounts up and chases after Roger.

Roger is speaking to Bill. He loved all of the girls, maybe Tulsa, most of all. Since Roger doesn't have bullets, Bill wants to kick his ass. At first, Roger gets the jump on Bill, but Bill changes that situation in short order.

The girls are reunited with their families, and the other families get to say goodbye to their daughters.

Bill talks about the job and accepts that it's also the job to live with yourself when you can't save everyone.

Cade arrives home. Beautiful front door.

Teresa talked to the kids and told them they're a part of their family and family is forever. She thinks they're OK.

Bill tells Maggie that her job is putting up with Bill and his job. She also needs to tell the truth and do what's expected of her.

He's happy that she stopped the man from bothering her. He can't do the job without them, so they decide to discuss whether his new job is something they can get used to.


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Deputy Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Tulsa: You don't have to do what you're gonna do, OK? I will be good. I will be better than good. I promise.
Roger: I know you will. I thought about that. You just got too old.

The baby means you're gonna get rid of us, doesn't it?