Checking In with the Team - Debris Season 1 Episode 2
Bryan and Finola investigate Debris that is mysteriously dragging metal from an evacuated town for an unknown purpose; Bryan is forced to keep his secret about Finola's father's survival.

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Debris Season 1 Episode 2: "You Are Not Alone"
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Debris Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Finola: So, what, like there's this whole secret Peep subculture then?
Bryan: You have no idea what you're missing. We owe the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania a great deal of gratitude, and I'm not afraid to say it.

Bryan: Zippo lighter, Pyrex glassware, Crayola Crayons, also made in PA. Cadillacs, they had a trimline named the Fleetwood after Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. The Fleetwood Brougham. It was a big car in the '80s. And, of course, Peeps. Insane for Peeps.
Finola: What's a "peep"?
Bryan: Come on. You've never had a Peep?
Finola: No.
Bryan: A little marshmallow candy?
Finola: No, I've never eaten a Peep.
Bryan: Wow. Crack-like. Some people think they taste better when they're stale. I happen to be one of those people.