Finola: What was that about?
Bryan: When it all started falling, I was injured in a debris event with Garcia and a Chinese agent named Ming. I've been taking injections for it as a precaution to stave off something.
Finola: What? Stave off what?
Bryan: They don't know. This is the first time that something has happened because of it. I've never seen that man before in my life. We need to tell Maddox everything.

Otto: I know who you are! You're the Third Man! The Third Man. Garcia, Ming, and you. You did a wonderful job in hiding your identity.
Bryan: Who are you? Who are you?!

Finola: What about Bryan?
George: He won't be alone in his sacrifice.

Bryan was right. This isn't a mapmaking piece of debris. This piece in concert with others will enable the transformation of the human mind so that humanity can ascend to a higher plane of consciousness and thought.


Finola: Why would you say that you have called INFLUX?
George: I'm going to tell you something that, at first, you're going to wish I hadn't.
Finola: Dad.
George: I took my life to allow myself a rebirth, and I paid the price. I want you to know this, that not one day goes by that I don't think of you and your sister. I want you to know this.
Finola: What are you talking about? A rebirth? That's not what happened. THEY did this to you. You didn't allow yourself anything.
George: Remember that first night in the hotel? I told you that this is bigger than you, me, your sister.
Finola: Yes.
George: And I told you that I needed the Legarie files to find this.
Finola: Yes! What does THIS have to do with INFLUX?
George: If we can't help people, we do not deserve this debris.

George: INFLUX operatives are almost here.
Finola: How could you possibly know that?
George: Because I called them.

Bryan: Can I ask you a question?
Finola: Yeah.
Bryan: It might sting a bit.
Finola: Wow. That sounds ominous.
Bryan: We're putting all of our faith into your father, and he was reanimated through his eye. They restarted his brain, and he can't remember where he was six months ago. He can't remember why Maddox wants him dead. He's marchin' around in this tinfoil cape. His memory is foggy at best. It just doesn't feel right. He could be wrong about all of it. Maybe they told him something, and he just doesn't remember it. That's dangerous.
Finola: All I know is that they brought him back to find it, so it must be important.

Finola: What is this?
George: It's emotional convergence.

They're selecting debris for a reason.


Finola: Dad. I think it's really great that you're remembering more now. I just need to know when you remember. We need to know if you remember why Maddox wants you dead.
George: I have been thinking about that. Maybe it's because he fears what he can't control.
Finola: What do you mean he fears what he can't control?
George: Well, he works for government. That's what governments do. Even alone, the subjugation of India. Colonization. Right here in the US, the massacre at Wounded Knee, the Japanese internment camps. I mean, do I need to go on? Governments are created to serve the public interest and everywhere, inevitably, they serve their own, and people are left to suffer. Please, sweetheart. Be careful of this so-called coalition.
Finola: I know. I believe in Bryan, but Orbital doesn't feel like a coalition at all.
George: Smart girl.

Finola: I'm not sure we can get out of this, Bryan.
Bryan: Well, we're going to figure it out.
Finola: I can't comprehend what is going on in there. We're not meant to. We thought that we were in control, but maybe we need to acknowledge that we're in the presence of something bigger, stronger than us.
Bryan: And possibly unknowable.

You don't know anything about what I feel. My father took his life for all of this.


Debris Quotes

Bryan: You're still working?
Finola: How do you think our reports get done, Bryan?
Bryan: Somebody else does them? [she glares at him] Oh! Well, keep up the good work.

Craig: How is it working out with Finola?
Bryan: Obviously, she's falling in love with me and trying to keep it professional.
Craig: OK, copy that, gorgeous.