Cheers! - Suits Season 5 Episode 9
Rachel and her mother have a lot to celebrate with the upcoming nuptials, but a happy future isn't the only thing on Rachel's mind. As her mother helps plan her dream wedding, Rachel worries that the event might have the unforeseen consequence of outing Mike's secret. You can't exactly invite your law school buddies when you don't have any!

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Suits Season 5 Episode 9: "Uninvited Guests"
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Suits Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Harvey: Now get the hell out of here.
Donna: And do it quick, before I have to call security to tell them I'm beating the shit out of you.

Donna: How long has it been since I slapped you in the face because that is all I can think about right now.
Hardman: Promises, promises.