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Mike and Rachel share a romantic moment in bed, but Mike is still worried about his secret getting out.

The partners vote on Harvey's suspension, and the vote is split, meaning he stays. Jack Soloff takes the opportunity to make a motion to reinstate Hardman in the firm on a trial basis, but Jessica shoots him down. 

Hardman announces his attack on the firm to Jessica by attempting to steal their clients.

Mike confronts Jack about his behavior, and Jack tries to sway Mike to his side. 

Rachel and her mother talk wedding plans, but Rachel is worried that making a wedding announcement in the newspaper will cause more problems with Mike's secret. 

Mike finds out that Hardman is going after Mckernon Motors, so Harvey goes to visit their CEO.

Louis talks to Jack and discovers that Hardman is blackmailing him.

Harvey tells Dominic about Hardman's attack and suggests he drop PSL as his attorneys. Dominiq refuses and tells Harvey to go to war.

Rachel confides in Donna about her wedding troubles, which just keep getting worse. Her mother's guest list includes a whole slew of people that Mike cannot mingle with without exposing himself as a fraud. When her mother refuses to believe that she wants a small wedding, Rachel threatens to elope.  

When Louis brings his suspicions to Jessica, and she tells him to find out what Hardman is blackmailing Jack with. 

Harvey and Mike pit Sitwell and his opponent against each other in their deal to save Mckernon Motors. When Hardman tries to match their offer, they suspect that he's got a backer with deep pockets.

Rachel considers telling her mother the truth about Mike, but Donna warns her against it.

Hardman manages to outbid the case with Mckernon, and Harvey realizes that his backer is Forstman.

Mike meets with Rachel's mother, who accuses him of being behind the small wedding agenda. He admits that it's because he doesn't have any family to invite, and she begs him to let Rachel have her dream wedding. He and Rachel have it out, and they decide on a small wedding.

Mike calls Trevor and asks to get together. The both apologize for past misdeeds, and Mike invites him to the wedding. Trevor warns him that all illegal activity eventually turns your life into a living hell and Mike should get out and quit. 

Jack and Jessica talk about his allegiance, and she offers to let him come clean or quit. 

In prison, Harvey threatens to transfer Forstman to Rikers if he doesn't stop backing Hardman. He agrees to do it if Harvey quits. 

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Suits Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Harvey: Now get the hell out of here.
Donna: And do it quick, before I have to call security to tell them I'm beating the shit out of you.

Donna: How long has it been since I slapped you in the face because that is all I can think about right now.
Hardman: Promises, promises.