Claire Crosses Her Arms - Outlander Season 5 Episode 4
Roger leads Jamie’s militia to the rural trading post of Brownsville and finds himself embroiled in a bitter feud. Jamie and Claire arrive to find that Roger’s rather unusual strategy may have cost them the loyalty of the militia. Claire learns that her ‘modern’ medical advice has spread further than she intended.

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Outlander Season 5 Episode 4: "The Company We Keep"
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Outlander Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Jamie: What would you do when the whiskey ran out?
Roger: I was hoping that you would arrive before that happened, and you did.

Roger: I avoided confrontation. I kept the peace.
Jamie: You ken the meaning of the word Captain, Captain MacKenzie? Is that one you can explain to me? Your men left because you betrayed their trust. Those are men who won't have much faith left. They swore to follow us into battle, to risk their lives. As Captain, you must honor their loyalty above all else.