Diggle Leads - Arrow Season 4 Episode 6
Diggle leads Speedy and Black Canary into a battle. This is how they were fighting as a team the entire time Oliver was gone. Will we get to see them in action once again?

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 6: "Lost Souls"
Dinah "Laurel" Lance/Black Canary, Thea Queen, John Diggle
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Arrow Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Oliver: Where are you going?
Felicity: To Palmer Tech to pull out the schematics to Ray's device.
Oliver: I'll come with you.
Felicity: Why? Are you going to build the thing?
Oliver: No. There must be some other way I can help.
Felicity: There isn't.

Felicity: I tell you Ray's in trouble, and your first response is you need a shower!
Oliver: And a nap.