Arrow Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Lost Souls

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Love is in the air!

While there was a tiny little story about rescuing Ray Palmer on Arrow Season 4 Episode 6, it really took a back seat to the more important issue at hand: love! It was everywhere. First and foremost on the minds of Felicity and Oliver and then popping up elsewhere.

Sometimes that doesn't work on a superhero show, but on this one it did. Not only because the love being examined was between Oliver and Felicity, but because at no time was anybody really concerned about Ray's life being in danger.

He was merely being reintroduced to be sent off as a Legend.

Even the fight scene featuring the Canaries and Speedy wasn't what it could have been because Sara's bloodlust was out of control. Yes, we knew it was going to be a problem, but for it to overshadow the very short time she was on screen with the other two ladies in its entirety was too bad. Oh well.

What "Lost Souls" did best was remind us how quickly Oliver and Felcity got together and threw caution to the wind. They really had no time to plan who they would be and how they would carry on as themselves once they became a couple.

I mentioned during Arrow Season 3 that the two of them seemed to have nothing in common other than passion. Can a relationship be built on that? They've shown that it can, but moments of doubt are going to crop up like they did here. 

Felicity: I lost myself in you, but I was never that girl, that girl who just loses herself in a guy. That is not who I am.
Oliver: This isn't about Ray. It's about us.
Felicity: No. Yes. I don't know.

That conversation was amazing, and that it continued between Diggle and Oliver, with Oliver wondering why she chose him over Ray was even better. These are things that real people wonder while in relationships all the time. It brings our superhero down to our level and makes him human. It makes their love believable.

So much of this hour was about two people who are finding their way in their new dynamic, and it was beautiful. The best love stories aren't ones that are perfection from start to finish, but are the ones in which couples find themselves in each other. Thanks to Donna Smoak for reminding us of that.

And it was nice to see Donna again. She's going to be back a few more times this season. How far along do you expect her and Quentin to build their own relationship? The entire internet must have been set on fire over that match.

Even Thea got in on the action, taking Alex up on his offer of a date. Although, when he asked earlier about looking at venues for campaigning, I wouldn't have looked at that as a date, but as researching venues. It seemed that Thea was reading into his suggestion what she wanted to hear, so they were on the same page all along.

In other news, we found out what was in Damien Darhk's box. The inside of the box. Was that the same type of writing that was on the cave walls in the flashback? I'm trying to determine how the two are going to merge up. The red ball read the writing in the cave, and the power from Ray's suit was going to do something with what's inside the box.

It's doubtful they'll both lead to a body of water. 

Other points:

  • Felicity is at her best when she's determined and focused. Love that version of her.
  • Did Canary always use a gun in the field? I know she didn't always snap necks.
  • So Curtis is also an excellent base jumper. Well, he has terrible recognition abilities if he was unable to suss out Oliver is Green Arrow, so there is something at which he is not Terrific.
  • Felicity was on fire with the names, comparing Ray to food such as Tater Tots and Cheetos, calling Oliver Chatty Cathy and Diggle, Spartan. Fun stuff.
  • They didn't drop the ball on Sara addressing her resurrection with her mother. That's a bonus!
  • Seems Oliver learned a few illusions in his time, at least enough to trick Damien. And me.
  • Ray complimented Oliver on his new costume, "Nice suit." 

While this was kind of a lighter hour, things are about to get heated on Arrow Season 4 Episode 7 as Diggle learns his brother is alive and under Damien's control. There's about to be an all out attack on HIVE, right?

Hit the comments with your thoughts on all the love and affection we witnessed on "Lost Souls," and be sure to watch watch Arrow online if you missed anything.

Lost Souls Review

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Oliver: Where are you going?
Felicity: To Palmer Tech to pull out the schematics to Ray's device.
Oliver: I'll come with you.
Felicity: Why? Are you going to build the thing?
Oliver: No. There must be some other way I can help.
Felicity: There isn't.

Felicity: I tell you Ray's in trouble, and your first response is you need a shower!
Oliver: And a nap.