It's All in the Fairmont Family
This is a photo featuring Gracie Dzienny as Elinor Fairmont in First Kill on Netflix.

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Brian Douglas/Netflix © 2022
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Netflix Quotes

Jonathan: This is how I do it: You put a finger on your Adam’s apple.
Skyler: I don’t have one though.
Jonathan: Oh my gosh!
[He reaches over to touch]
Jonathan: Your vocal box, right here which I can totally feel, that’s hair.
Skyler: That’s little my tiny little Adam’s apple.
Jonathan: Don’t talk about him like that! He is girthy. He is huge!

Misha: You know, I can see. Not like you, just... just patches of color and light. It's like an out-of-focus painting. Very scary, and also very beautiful. But you think I'm -- I'm really ahead of the curve?
Lu: I think you might be the first true Martian.