The Spy Trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen Leaves Comedy Behind!

Sacha Baron Cohan is returning to TV screens in a role that's a complete 180 from any he's done in the past. Watch the full trailer right here.

Breaking Bad Movie Gets Premiere Date at Netflix - Watch Teaser

The Breaking Bad Movie just got a premiere date, a poster, and a brand new teaser. Get all the details right here via TV Fanatic to get up to speed.

Elite: The Lies Continue to Mount in Season 2 Trailer

Elite is returning for Season 2 and the teenagers are going to be causing more drama than ever before. Watch the full trailer right here via TV Fanatic.

The Politician Trailer Teases Secrets, Lies, and Lots of Drama

The Politician is coming to Netflix next month, and we have the first full-length trailer. Watch the full video right here via TV Fanatic to get caught up.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 Trailer: Who Killed Bryce Walker?

The 13 Reasons Why trailer puts many people in the frame for killing Bryce Walker, but who carried out the deed? Watch for some clues, TV Fanatics.

Mindhunter Season 2 Trailer Teases Manson and Reveals Season-Long Case

Mindhunter Season 3 is on the horizon, and the story looks just as compelling as what we encountered in the first season. Check out the trailer!

13 Reasons Why Renewed for Final Season at Netflix - Watch Season 3 Trailer

13 Reasons Why is officially coming to an end, and we have the official trailer for the third season. Get all the details right here via TV Fanatic.

Orange Is the New Black Introduces the Poussey Washington Fund

The creative team behind Orange Is the New Black is taking a story from the final season and making it a reality. Read on for information on the Poussey Washington Fund.

The Witcher Teaser Trailer Is Out and It's Hot!

It wasn't too long ago we saw the first photos of Netflix's The Witcher series, but the teaser trailer is going to knock your socks off! Watch now.

Orange is the New Black Final Season Trailer Teases a Sad Goodbye to Litchfield

It's time to say goodbye to the ladies of Litchfield. We have the trailer for the final season of Orange is the New Black. Read on, TV Fanatics.

Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Reveals Surprising New Villain

The Stranger Things Season 3 trailer is here, and it promises that a new villain will rise. What about the Demogorgon? Watch the full video.

GLOW Season 3 Trailer: Up in Lights and Down in Spirit

GLOW Season 3 promises all of the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, but the gorgeous ladies are wrestling a lot more than each other. Watch!

Netflix Quotes

Jack: Alyssa is not Salvador!
Vera: She knows all our strengths and all our weaknesses. That makes her exceedingly dangerous.
Jack: Why do you hate her so much?
[Vera stares at him]
Vera: Mr. Morton, you’re relieved from temple duties until further notice.
Jack: You’re benching me?!
Vera: Your infatuation has become a liability.
[Vera walks away]
Jack: Yeah, well, you’re welcome for saving your life!
Vera: I said, “Thank you.”

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