Kyra Sedgwick reclaims her spot as a leading lady on primetime television for the first time since The Closer. She stars as Jane, a hard-working television producer, and single mom. After producing an award winning documentary that brought down the SDPD, Jane used her skills to produce a crime procedural. When her daughter goes missing she does whatever it takes to find her while clashing with her ex, juggling the Robbery Homicide Division, and protecting her own secrets.

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Ten Days In the Valley
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Los Angeles, CA
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Ten Days In the Valley Quotes

PJ: I'm out of Addies. Sunday night, a lot of people are on deadlines.
Jane: Really?
PJ: Is this gonna work for you?
Jane: Yeah.
PJ: Yeah, just put on your tab. Is that OK?
Jane: Totally.

Jane: Wait a minute, do you have a secret?
Lake: Sometimes when I'm gone, when I'm with Daddy, I miss you so much that I think I want to go to heaven.
Jane: I know. It's hard, right?