Kenny At The Bar - FROM Season 1 Episode 9
Kenny spends some time at the bar with Donna, as the two have a heavy conversation on FROM Season 1 Episode 9.

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FROM Season 1 Episode 9: "Into The Woods"
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FROM Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Sara: They told me that those people were coming. They told me that there would be two cars. And they said that if I didn't do what they said...
Boyd: Then what? If you didn't do what they said, then what? Hey, let me explain to you again how this works. I say jump, you jump. I ask you a question, then you goddamn answer the-
Sara: They said my brother would die, okay? That said that if I didn't do it, that he would die, that everyone would die!

Fatima: It's weird, you know, this radio might actually work, and as amazing as that is...I think part of me...I think the idea that it might work is scarier than the idea that it won't.
Ellis: What do you mean?
Fatima: I keep thinking how do we go back now?