Learning About Racism - Superstore Season 6 Episode 5
Dina (Lauren Ash) participates in a meeting that she asked Garrett to host.

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 5: "Hair Care Products"
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Superstore Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Garrett: You do realize the hair products thing isn't the end of racism? It's not even the end of racism in the store.
Dina: Oh, is this because Karen started here last week? Because she's willing to go by Jill.
Garrett: What? No! Don't you think it's messed up that we've never had a black district manager? Or that the employee handbook limits our hair length to three inches in diameter? That basically means no afros.
Dina: I guess I just never thought about any of this stuff. I mean, you've never brought it up before.
Garrett: It's not my job to call out every racist thing I come up against! It's my job to announce sales and pretend not to notice when people return used swimsuits.

Oh yeah, it takes a lot of courage to make a gesture this small this late in the game.