On Evil Season 3 Episode 3, "The Demon of Sex," Sister Andrea joins the team to fix a demonically possessed marriage, and Leland and Sheryl continue their crusade for Satan.

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Evil Season 3 Episode 3: "The Demon of Sex"
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Evil Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Leland: So, your goal this week is to get Makob to trade for $135 per coin.
Sheryl: Wait, $135 for what? It's not even real.
Leland: What is real?
Sheryl: OK. This desk, my purse, but not, but not that. I can sell anything, but if it's just there, how do I do that?

Sister Andrea: There's a demon in there.
David: There's... what does that mean?
Sister Andrea: It means there's a demon in there between them. It has its hands on their shoulders.
David: I didn't see anything.
Sister Andrea: Because you're not as good.