Megan is upset over losing her scholarship. She's worked so hard to go to school, but the truth of the sex tape and hacking crimes have taken it away.

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Cruel Summer
Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 10: "Endgame"
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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Megan: No, you did all this because you’re addicted to drama. And I should’ve just talked to him! I never should’ve never brought you into this. He would still be.
Isabella: Yeah, treating you like garbage.
Megan: He was right. You’re only happy when I’m miserable. Well congratulations, you got what you wanted. I wish I never met you.

Brent: Luke wouldn’t have wanted this.
Steve: Well, it’s not my first choice either. But Megan is the one on that tape, not Isabella. So…
Brent: How could you do this to her? How could you do this to Debbie? It’s not fair!
Steve: Fair? Fair?! Grow up. That’s not how life works.