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The computer reveals the events take place on January 1, 2000 and August 2, 2000.

In Winter 1999, Luke is sitting at the dock at 5 a.m. on January 1st. Brent walks up the dock; he was the one who Luke beeped.

In the morning, Steve walks down the stairs and sees water footprints along the floor. Steve finds Brent covered in water and crying at the kitchen counter. Brent says he needs to tell his dad something.

Steve runs to the dock searching for Luke.

In Winter 1999 on January 1st at 4:10 a.m., Megan and Isabella return to their home. Megan wants to go back in the morning and untie Luke from the bed. Megan is upset, but Isabella thinks Luke deserved more punishment. Isabella says the gunshot was an accident.

Megan says she's going back at 8 a.m. to free him.

In the morning, Megan and Isabella return to the cabin to discover Luke isn't there. Isabella accuses Megan of letting Luke go. They both search the woods; Isabella theorizes Luke ran away due to the tape.

The girls agree they need to find Luke before someone else does. Megan calls 911 to see if they've found someone fitting Luke's description; no one has been found.

Isabella says they need to destroy the tape. Isabella is upset that Megan is starting to forgive Luke; Megan condemns Isabella for keeping secrets too. She doesn't know if she can trust Isabella again.

On January 3, 2000, Brent finds Steve looking out over the lake. Steve says he's going to protect Brent and not let anything happen to him.

Megan asks Steve if he knows about Luke's whereabouts, but he doesn't. Megan says she's not sure about any trouble he's in. They both acknowledge the Coast Guard secret.

Isabella tells Megan that they need to push the story of Luke running away. Isabella wants Megan to forge a fake letter from Luke claiming to have run away.

Megan posts missing person posters around the town of Luke. Jeff tells her that he will create a video for the local news to air.

Megan contacts her online friend, but he doesn't respond.

Isabella and Megan get into an argument. Isabella says the plan was only done to help Megan, and Megan says Isabella loves the drama. Megan comments Isabella has never been in a relationship; Isabella says she pushed Megan outside her shell. Megan wishes she never met Isabella.

In Summer 2000, Steve is pushing Sheriff Myer to charge the girls so that they can close the case. Sheriff Myer reveals his team is going through the surveillance footage of the roads.

Brent visits Megan because he wants to talk to someone. Megan reveals Debbie is in remission. Megan reveals the sheriff thinks Isabella and Megan worked together to kill Luke.

Megan's lawyer quit because Megan is out of money.

Isabella and Megan meet up to confirm they had a strategy of accusing each other so that they would be clear. Megan thinks the surveillance footage will also confirm who else was there that night to kill Luke.

Megan hacks into the sheriff's station computer system to view the footage. They view the tapes and see Steve's car driving down the road.

Megan and Isabella confront Steve about the footage; Steve is adamant that he had an alibi. Brent overhears them. Steve tells Isabella that his investigator heard from Trevor about Lisa's death.

In the car, Isabella says she's happy the last few days felt like a friendship again. Megan thinks their friendship has been nothing but destruction. Isabella is angry that Megan doesn't have loyalty.

In the office, Brent is panicking and thinks he'll be arrested. Steve smacks him and tells him to not consider going to prison.

At home, Megan overhears the radio saying the police will be making an arrest soon. Megan visits Isabella's hotel room, but the maid says she checked out of the hotel.

The police pull Megan over in her car. Sheriff Myer says a tape came into his possession and Megan needs to go to the station for questioning.

Sheriff Myer shows a doctored version of the tape from NYE that implicates Megan as the shooter who killed Luke. Isabella isn't on the tape. Sheriff Myer arrests Megan for the murder of Luke.

Steve tells Brent that the police are charging Megan. Brent is upset and doesn't want Megan to go down for the crime. Steve is adamant that Brent just accept that Megan is getting arrested.

Brent accuses Steve and reveals that his mother was driving drunk when she got in the car accident. Steve had Luke be blamed for making it an accident. Steve says he does whatever he can to protect his family.

Brent visits Megan in her holding cell. Brent reveals he was the one who Luke paged on the dock.

Back on Winter 1999, the scene transitions back to Brent and Luke on the dock. Brent helps Luke up, but Luke is feeling sad and admits to all the bad decisions he made recently. He reveals he played the wrong tape during the holiday party; he thought it was one of Brent's tapes.

Luke says he's done lying about his mother and the accident. Luke says his mother was driving drunk and caused the crash. Brent gets angry and shoves Luke; his head hits the ladder and he falls into the water. Brent dives into the lake searching for Luke, but he can't find him.

The scene transitions back to the holding scene. Brent reveals the entire truth to Megan. He reveals Steve placed the money in the cabin.

Sheriff Myer is listening from the security cameras as Brent reveals the truth to Megan.

Brent says he doesn't want Megan to take the fall for Luke's death. Brent says Luke really loved Megan. Sheriff Myer arrests Brent; Brent apologizes to Megan.

The police come to the Chambers house in search of Steve.

News articles are made revealing the scandal of the death and the Chambers family secrets. Megan gets an offer from her online friend about a real coding job.

On a plane, Isabella is heading back to Ibiza. She makes a new friend with a girl named Michelle and she takes up Megan as her best friend. Isabella takes on the name, "Lisa."

Megan visits the dock to have an emotional goodbye to the lake and Luke, but she noticed a camera with a view to the lake.

The scene transitions to the night of the death and Isabella is at the lake. She finds Luke washed up ashore and in pain. She puts her foot on Luke's head and drowns his face in the water. She pushes him out to the lake.

Megan watches the security footage and cries.

Cruel Summer
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Cruel Summer Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Megan: No, you did all this because you’re addicted to drama. And I should’ve just talked to him! I never should’ve never brought you into this. He would still be.
Isabella: Yeah, treating you like garbage.
Megan: He was right. You’re only happy when I’m miserable. Well congratulations, you got what you wanted. I wish I never met you.

Brent: Luke wouldn’t have wanted this.
Steve: Well, it’s not my first choice either. But Megan is the one on that tape, not Isabella. So…
Brent: How could you do this to her? How could you do this to Debbie? It’s not fair!
Steve: Fair? Fair?! Grow up. That’s not how life works.