Making A Case - Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5
Mary Andrews is trying her hardest to clear Hermione of the charges. She's going to need to work against Hiram's influence to make it a possibility.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5: "Chapter Sixty-Two: Witness for the Prosecution"
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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Kevin: So, we’re not bailing on your hot brother’s FBI class? I thought based on what happened to Caramel…
Betty: That was before I got privileged information that made me realized we don’t actually know anything about Charles. Forget “Is Charles is gay or straight?” I’m interested in: “Is if he’s a serial killer or not?”

Donna: Enjoying yourself, Jones?
Jughead: So, this is what one percenters do for fun? Play Murder. Oh, by the way…
[Jughead winks]
Donna: Wicked, Jones.
Jughead: I should…
Donna: Yea, go on then. Let me die in peace.
[Donna faints dramatically]