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Someone tries to steal a bag from a woman, but Archie (in hoodie and mask) stops the criminal. The woman sprays Archie in the face with pepper spray.

Betty convinces Kevin to join her in the Junior FBI class.

Mary Andrews is Hermione's lawyer. She warns that the prosecution is going after Hermione to find the missing money.

Jughead discovers that four people did go missing from Stonewall Prep. Donna confirms she's been texting with Moose while he's at basic training.

Mr. Chipping confirms he's the latest ghostwriter for Jughead's favorite childhood mystery series. He invites the salon to the wine and cheese event.

Pop is subpoenaed as a witness during Hiram's trial. Hiram states that he will protect Pop Tate if Veronica comes clean of the truth. Veronica tells the prosecutor she will tell the truth but will spin it to pin it on Hiram.

Kevin thinks Charles is cute. Charles puts the entire class to determine serial killers by police photos; Betty gets every answer right by instinct. He confirms they're all connected by the serial killer gene.

Jughead reads one of the Baxter Brothers books and finds a missing page.

One of Archie's kids is caught shoplifting. Archie pays for the comic book.

Mr. Chipping and Mr. Dupont, the original writer of the Baxtor Brothers, is looking for the next ghostwriter. They challenge the salon to compete to be the next writer.

The doctors confirm that Betty has the serial killer gene.

Archie, in hoodie and mask, stops some criminals from stealing hubcaps. Toby pulls a gun on him, but Archie knocks it out of his hand.

Archie and Monroe set a rule that the kids can't be at the center and be part of Dodger's crew. Toby and his friend leave to join Dodger.

Betty starts worrying after hearing similarities to her past with serial killers.

During Hermione's trial, new evidence reveals that Hermione owns the cabin where Tall Boy was shot.

Mr. Dupont was a member of the same literary salon as Jughead's grandfather. He asks Jughead to invite FP to the event.

Hermione tells Veronica and Mary the entire truth. They make a play to get pardoned by Governor Dooley.

Betty has a nightmare that she killed her cat, Caramel.

FP doesn't want to go to the event because he remembers his father being a mean drunk.

Veronica makes a deal with Governor Dooley to pardon Hermione. If he agrees, she will never reveal the truth of the quarantine.

The literary salon plays a game of "Murder." Jughead wins the game.

Charles reveals that serial killers would write diaries and leave behind clues about their past behavior. Betty searches through her past diaries.

Hermione pleads guilty in court.

Betty tells Kevin the story of how her dad made her kill Caramel. Kevin thinks it's a good idea for her to withdraw from the program.

FP has received complaints from local businesses. He convinces Archie to hold an invite to explain the truth to them.

Brett bullies Jughead again and talks badly about his grandfather.

Archie holds a news conference to launch a Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. One of the nearby business owners says that Dodger is forcing businesses to complain and try to shut down the gym.

FP refuses to let Jughead quit Stonewall Prep. He reveals that his father was the one who sent Jughead the Baxter Brothers books.

Charles reveals he has the serial killer gene too. He doesn't want Betty to quit the program.

A private investigator has proof that Veronica colluded with the federal prosecutor. Hermosa is Hiram's other daughter; she came to help her father.

Jughead looks at another Baxter Brothers book and finds a missing page. He does a shade indent to find a birthday message from his grandfather.

Hiram is cleared of all charges. He announces his plan to run for mayor of Riverdale.

Betty decides to stay in the FBI program. She doesn't trust Charles and wants to investigate him.

Archie, while in mask and hoodie, demands that Dodger leave town. Dodger threatens to end him.

All of the literary salon members agree to compete to be the next ghostwriter. Their challenge is to create the perfect murder.

In the flash-forward, Betty, Veronica, and Archie are arrested by FP for the murder of Jughead.

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Riverdale Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Donna: Enjoying yourself, Jones?
Jughead: So, this is what one percenters do for fun? Play Murder. Oh, by the way…
[Jughead winks]
Donna: Wicked, Jones.
Jughead: I should…
Donna: Yea, go on then. Let me die in peace.
[Donna faints dramatically]

Kevin: So, we’re not bailing on your hot brother’s FBI class? I thought based on what happened to Caramel…
Betty: That was before I got privileged information that made me realized we don’t actually know anything about Charles. Forget “Is Charles is gay or straight?” I’m interested in: “Is if he’s a serial killer or not?”