Robby in the Middle  - Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 7
Robby is stuck in the middle of Johnny and Daniel's rivalry, but he feels as if both of them have let him down.

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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 7: "Obstáculos"
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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Johnny: I started Cobra Kai with one nerd. This is a step up and if we're going to be taken seriously we need a name that commands respect. A name that elicits power and dominance. Cobras are strong they may be king of the jungle but the world is more than a jungle. There's only one animal that can kill a snake.
Bert: A mongoose?
Johnny: A real animal, Bert. Welcome to Eagle Fang Karate.

Johnny: I screwed up, and I'm sorry. I made it about me and that's not what a sensei does. I took the easy way out. I gave up. What happened here at this school, it rocked me to my core. I couldn't look myself in the eye, let alone face all of you.
Hawk: Yeah, I guess it makes it easier to tell yourself that but the truth is you bailed on us long before that happened. You got soft on us, and we all paid the price. 
Johnny: Now you listen up. When you came to me you were softer than a baby's ass. I made you what you are, not Kreese. He doesn't give a shit about you. About any of you. So if you wanna keep whining about the past like a bunch of pussies, fine, we can play that game. Wanna stick with Kreese, go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you when your life ends in the shitter. Or you can sack up and join my dojo.