Training with Dad - Tall - Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 7
Sam does some training with Daniel when they spend some quality time together while she works through some things.

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Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 7: "Obstáculos"
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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Johnny: I started Cobra Kai with one nerd. This is a step up and if we're going to be taken seriously we need a name that commands respect. A name that elicits power and dominance. Cobras are strong they may be king of the jungle but the world is more than a jungle. There's only one animal that can kill a snake.
Bert: A mongoose?
Johnny: A real animal, Bert. Welcome to Eagle Fang Karate.

I froze, OK? I watched my friends get hurt. I watched Demetri get his arm broken, and I couldn't do anything. And now I'm having all of these panic attacks, and I don't know if I'll be able to defend myself again.