Corporate Girls - Tall - Upload Season 3 Episode 3

Aleesha meets one of the company's biggest rockstars, Karina (Jeanine Mason), and gets to know her better.

Concierge AI Guy - Upload Season 3 Episode 3

Owen Daniels stars as the AI Guys who are a staple in Lakeview for everyone's entertainment and needs.

Cheese is for Closers- Upload Season 3 Episode 3

Luke becomes a closer for some extra cash as he gets roped into working for a covert call center outside of Lakeview.

Alternative Laveview - Upload Season 3 Episode 3

Copy Nathan experiences some different dimension of Lakeview and encounters someone strange.

Searching for Employment - Upload Season 3 Episode 3

Nathan is searching for employment while he's in the outside world despite his lack of identity in CyberDiscountDay.

Upload Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I love it when you shit on Luke.


Ingrid: I am so ashamed of this job.
Copy Nathan: Oh my God, Ingrid. Are you doing sex work?
Ingrid: No! Sex work isn't shameful. I'm in retail.