Copy Nathan - tall - Upload Season 3 Episode 1
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Nathan still isn't telling Nora about the nose bleeds.

He sees that they did something to Jaime too.

They visit where Nathan's mother is living in a home where poor people live.

Nathan and Nora have to share a bed with Nathan's mother. It's Cyber discount day and everyone is happy about it because it means they can get more bang for their buck even in Lakeview.

Aleesha is annoyed when she learns that she has to stick around for Cyber Discount day instead of spending the holiday with her own family cooking for them.

Nora gets her equipment so she can put in some shifts at Lakeview for money so they can afford to get their own voice. Nathan goes to a temp agency to get work.

Nora goes to see the doctor who tried to download someone into a body like Nathan.

Nora is logged in and notices that Ingrid is in Lakeview. She heads to Nathan's old suite and sees him in there singing in the shower.

Nathan goes to apply for a job in the Human rental suit and sees that Ingrid is working there and running things because she got cut off by her family. Nora tells Nathan about his Copy.

Aleesha comes back and sees that her family is eating without her and that they are badmouthing the food.

Aleesha returns to Lakeview and has a meal with Luke and the AI Guys.

Copy Nathan calls his mother and Nathan wants to see him. the others are trying to keep him apart from them.

NOra tells Nathan she loves him after the family are poking fun at him, but his nose starts bleeding profusely.


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Upload Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I love it when you shit on Luke.


Ingrid: I am so ashamed of this job.
Copy Nathan: Oh my God, Ingrid. Are you doing sex work?
Ingrid: No! Sex work isn't shameful. I'm in retail.