Luke's Boys - Upload Season 3 Episode 6

Luke is ecstatic that he has the twice the friends when both Nathans come to his rescue in the Gray Zone.

Nora and BackUp Nate - Upload Season 3 Episode 6

Nora shares an intimate moment with backup Nate when they have to work together on a project in Memory Crackers.

Exes and Besties - Upload Season 3 Episode 6

Ingrid and Nathan hang out together and have a great chat, bonding and learning to be friends on Memory Crackers.

Rescuing Luke - Upload Season 3 Episode 6

The two Nathans team up to help Luke free himself from some trouble in the gray space on Rescue Mission.

Drugged Nora - Upload Season 3 Episode 6

Nora is drugged after Karina kidnaps her for more information about what all she knows and Aleesha tries to help.

Behind Karina - Upload Season 3 Episode 6

Aleesha tries to minimize what Nora says when Karina captures and drugs her for information on Memory Crackers.

Happy Times on Upload Season 3

This is a still of Upload Season 3, airing on Prime Video.

Upload Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Ingrid: Just give it to me straight.
AI Guy: Your drama is of your own creation; your mistrust of Mr. Brown comes from your mistrust of your own self-worth. Be honest with him and live with the consequences however he reacts.
Ingrid: No one has ever talked to me like that, I have to go talk to Nathan. Thank you.

Backup Nathan: How could you not tell me I was a backup, Ingrid?
Ingrid: you never asked.
Backup Nathan: Why would anyone ask if they were a duplicated copy of themselves? That's on you to tell me.
Ingrid: Well, if you tell each other everything all the time will lose our spark, there's no mystery in that.