Happy Times on Upload Season 3
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Nathan's mother gets a package from Ivan and realizes that it's David Choak on a harddrive.

Nathan tries calling Nora but can't reach her.

Luke expresses that he's upset that he hasn't gotten to spend time with Nathan.

NOra freaks out when Aleesha tells her that she's been uploaded. It's a fake setup to make Nora think that she's uploaded when really Karina is trying to get to the bottom of what Nora has been up to the whole time and using Aleesha to do it.

Karina had her drugged and believes she may be a Luddite terrorist.

Aleesha tells Nora not to mention Nathan or that he dowloaded and when Karina shows up to ask the questions, Aleesha warns Nora from telling her things from behind her back.

Nathan calls Nora and she tells him about something happening to her.

Backup Nathan confronts INgrid about not telling him that he was a copy.

Nathan goes to an area to watch Choak's memories while Nora and Backup Nathan meet up in the Memory chamber. They flirt with each other.

They split up the memories so they can find anyhting they can pertinent to Freeoynd on other things.

Nathan and Nora flirt with each other.

Ingrid gets a reality check from AI Guy.

Copy Nathan talks to Luke about feelings for Nora while Nathan calls Luke concnerned about leaving his copy with Nora.

Nathan sees the videos and determiens that it's about the election. But in the memories, Nora sees Karina and it sparks something in her that feels familiar.

Karina leaves Aleesha flowers and says they'll go on a real vacation.

Drunken Ingrid shows up where Nathan is.

Aleesha and Luke bond as he tells her about his stomaches and worrying about Nathan.

Ingrid gets Nathan drunk and they both bond with each other about life and their insecurities.

Nora calls and has feelings about Ingrid being there. They watch the video about the illionares saving half a billion a year by killing poor people. Choak is in bed with Horizen.

Ingrid hears her father say that he's glad they got rid of Nathan and that his bank account would be better if Ingrid was in that car with him.

Nathan comforts Ingrid. She gets handsy with him.

She asks to see his penis.

Backup Nathan makes a move on Nora, nearly, but they can't go through with it because they both care about their partner.


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Upload Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Ingrid: Just give it to me straight.
AI Guy: Your drama is of your own creation; your mistrust of Mr. Brown comes from your mistrust of your own self-worth. Be honest with him and live with the consequences however he reacts.
Ingrid: No one has ever talked to me like that, I have to go talk to Nathan. Thank you.

Backup Nathan: How could you not tell me I was a backup, Ingrid?
Ingrid: you never asked.
Backup Nathan: Why would anyone ask if they were a duplicated copy of themselves? That's on you to tell me.
Ingrid: Well, if you tell each other everything all the time will lose our spark, there's no mystery in that.