Singh Delivers The News - Transplant Season 2 Episode 3
Dr. Singh tells June that she got the Chief Resident promotion.

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Transplant Season 2 Episode 3: "Sever"
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Ontario, Canada
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Transplant Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Bash: I wasn't sure you'd make it in today. I'm glad you did.
Dr. Bishop: I'm not here for the M. & M. if that's what you mean. I'm here as a patient.
Bash: Good. You know, Dr. Novak he's running the session and he's ...
Dr. Bishop: Yes, yes, we've established, wants my job. He's picked a good case to take up. Plenty to learn from what happened.
Bash: So how come you won't ...?
Dr. Bishop: If I'm there, others won't feel free to speak openly.
Bash: But if you're not, then ...
Dr. Bishop: Novak might malign my good name? My name can take it. It's not your fight, Dr. Hamed.

Dr. Mitchell: We've spoken before about triggers, and when they happen you want to fix things. I have seen enough to know that. And your way of doing that is by running into burning buildings trying to save someone else. It makes you feel in control. The thing is, post-traumatic stress is like a faucet: once open, it keeps on flowing, Bash, whether you like it or not.