Supply Chain Issues - Chicago Med
Supply chain issues cause problems for the doctors on Chicago Med. "(Caught Between) The Wrecking Ball And The Butterfly" is the second episode of the show's eighth season.

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Chicago Med
Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 2: "(Caught Between) The Wrecking Ball And The Butterfly"
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Chicago, IL, US
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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Sean: You got old.
Archer: It's been a long time.
Sean: 15 years.
Archer: I would have been here sooner, but it takes a while to get visitation. Um, ,so I spoke to your lawyer and she said something about a plea deal?
Sean: Yeah, she doesn't think we can fight this.
Archer: YOu know what, I'm gonna get you a new lawyer, someone who knows what they're doing.
Sean: It's okay. I'm cool with this.
Archer: You're cool with going to jail?
Sean: Dad, really, it's fine.
Archer: You always do this. Ever since you were a kid, you always gave up too easily.
Sean: Like the way you gave up on me?

$700 a day. Can you believe that? It's like I've been hit by a truck and they're trying to get the little bit of blood I got left.