Ted, Rose and Veronica
Ted brings his daughter, Rose, to work and Veronica barely even notices she's there at first. She makes eye contact when she talks. She's not looking at his waist!

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Better Off Ted
Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 3: "Through Rose-Colored HAZMAT Suits"
Ted Crisp, Veronica Palmer
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Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Veronica: Well, you're always welcome here, daughter of Ted.
Ted: Rose.
Veronica: I know her name.
Ted: Rose's name.
Veronica: You know, sweetheart, sometimes your father...
Rose: Ted.
Veronica: I know everyone's name.

Ted: Did you even notice I have my daughter with me today?
Veronica: I look at people's eyes when I talk to them, Ted, not at their waists