Mia: Dad?
William: Oh my god, Dad.
Oliver: Wi-William? William? Hey. Mia?
Connor: Dad? You're so young-
Diggle: Dad? What is this? How did they get here?
Oliver: I-I don't know. Those are my kids.
Dinah: Your kids?
Oliver: Are you okay?
Mia: How is this real?
Rene: Good question. The last time I checked you didn't have an adult daughter, or any daughter.
Oliver: We had a daughter, and we named her Mia. Felicity gave birth a few months after we left Star City.
Dinah: How? I didn't even know she was pregnant.
Oliver: We didn't tell anyone. We wanted to keep her off the grid to protect her.
Dinah: That was only a few months ago.
Oliver: This is Novu.
Diggle: You called me Dad.
Connor: You adopted me. Remember? It's Connor.
Diggle: No, no, I haven't.
William: He hasn't because he hasn't yet.
Connor: What are you talking about?
William: I think we're in the past.
Mia: That is insane.
William: Look at this place. It's new. And, and them! No gray hair, no wrinkles, and we are staring at our Dad alive, instead of at his tombstone.
Oliver: I-
William: I'm sorry, what year is this?
Oliver: It's 2019. What year is it supposed to be?
William: 2040.

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Arrow Season 8 Episode 4: "Present Tense"
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Arrow Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Oliver: I get the feeling that I'm going to be really, really really proud of how you turned out.
William: Yeah, well, I didn't just turn out. Um, there's something I should tell you. I'm gay.
Oliver: Yeah buddy, I know.
William: You know?
Oliver: Yeah. Felicity and I knew. And, we just, well we hoped that you were gonna come out to us when you were comfortable. You clearly didn't get that chance. And, that's on me so, I'm sorry.

William: Dad, we all have the chance to get to know each other now.
Oliver: If your sister will let me.
William: Mia will come around. You know, she can be a little bit stubborn and hard to read sometimes.
Oliver: Shocker, where'd she get that from?
William: Mom, I guess?