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Oliver, Diggle, Dinah, Rene, William, Mia, and Connor meet, confused as to how the future kids got brought back to 2019. Oliver believes it was The Monitor.

Future Team Arrow decides to not tell their parents about JJ or Zoe.

Oliver takes William and Mia back to his old apartment. William tells Oliver about how him and Mia just met, and how Oliver disappeared, presumed dead.

Oliver wants to call Felicity, but William persuades him not to.

William tells Oliver about his business and he comes out to him. Oliver tells him that him and Felicity already knew.

A bomb goes off at a hospital. Deathstroke looks on.

Rene asks William about Zoe and he lies to him. He also tells him he's going to be mayor.

Curtis arrives and Oliver gives him a piece of fabric that was clipped by the wave of energy that destroyed Earth-2 so that he can run tests on it.

William, Mia, and Connor think JJ came back to the past with them and is the Deathstroke that blew up the hospital.

They go to the place where the Deathstrokes originated. They find a dead body. Mia steps on a detonator. Deathstrokes show up just as Original Team Arrow, including Laurel, does.

They drive the Deathstrokes away and save Mia before the bomb goes off. The leader of the Deathstrokes is Grant Wilson, Slade's son.

William and Connor tell everyone about JJ's dark path and Zoe's death.

Connor tells Diggle about how him and Lyla adopted him, and how JJ resented the love Connor got from their parents. Diggle walks away from him.

Oliver tries to stop Mia from leaving to check out the bomb site at the hospital. She threatens to fight him and Laurel agrees to go with her.

Grant warns the city that he plans to strike that night.

William extracts the data from the drive from the Deathstroke headquarters but it's encrypted. He calls in Curtis for help.

Laurel figures out that Mia is planning to kill Grant and tries to talk her out of it.

Curtis discovers that Grant is planning another Siege with bomb attacks, all connected to a remote detonator. But, there's a relay device.

Oliver and Mia find the Deathstrokes and they fight.

Dinah and Rene head to the SCPD where a Deathstroke plants a bomb.

Diggle, Laurel, and Connor find the relay device. Connor neutralizes it.

Oliver stops Mia from killing Grant.

Oliver takes Mia to his dad's grave. He tells her that he doesn't want their relationship to be like his and his dad's.

Rene gives a speech for his run for mayor.

Curtis tells Oliver that the energy wave from Earth-2 can be replicated, but they need help from a military general in Russia.

The Monitor finds Laurel and tells her that he can restore her Earth, but only if she betrays Oliver Queen.

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Arrow Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Oliver: I get the feeling that I'm going to be really, really really proud of how you turned out.
William: Yeah, well, I didn't just turn out. Um, there's something I should tell you. I'm gay.
Oliver: Yeah buddy, I know.
William: You know?
Oliver: Yeah. Felicity and I knew. And, we just, well we hoped that you were gonna come out to us when you were comfortable. You clearly didn't get that chance. And, that's on me so, I'm sorry.

William: Dad, we all have the chance to get to know each other now.
Oliver: If your sister will let me.
William: Mia will come around. You know, she can be a little bit stubborn and hard to read sometimes.
Oliver: Shocker, where'd she get that from?
William: Mom, I guess?