Pam: Are you asleep?
Michael: No. I'm just thinking about what you said, about Karen, about closure. You remember Holly? She used to work for H.R.?
Pam: No, remind me.
Michael: Blonde hair, nice boobs. Not too big, not too small.

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Michael Scott, Pam Beesly
The Office Season 5 Episode 14: "Lecture Circuit (Part 1)"
The Office
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The Office Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Andy: So, Julia. Let's see. With regards to, uh, billing. Should we send bills to you, or to your boyfriend's house.
Julia: No it can go straight to our business address.
Andy: Oh ok. Alright. That makes sense. How does your boyfriend deal with your phenomenal success? Is he just like totally threatended by you or...
Julia: Actually I ... I don't have a boyfriend.
Andy: Really? Is that... wow that's so weird.

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