Jamie: Mr. Simms owns a printing press. It's his right to print whatever he pleases. I came here tonight because I believed I'd be among men who understood that, even if they disagreed. Men who are not afraid to hear another man's opinion spoken because they prize that freedom and have faith it will serve the greater good in time. But, maybe I was wrong. Maybe there is no common decency.
Cornelius: Common decency, Mr. Fraser?
Jamie: Aye. If it truly is to be common to all men, it must begin with us. You call yourself "Sons of Liberty." Is it liberty when a man is cowed into silence or threatened into submission? Is it liberty if his property is taken from him?

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Outlander Season 6 Episode 5: "Give Me Liberty"
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Outlander Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Claire: And how is William?
John: Nearly as tall as me, and he bests me at chess almost every game.
Jamie: Well, I hope to have the honor of playing with him one day.
John: Well, it's not only chess. He talks of politics like a politician, of history like a historian, and his knowledge of literature and the modern languages is, well, I hardly know where to begin.

Jamie: Lord John. I didn't account you to be among Mistress MacDonald's many admirers.
John: It should come as no surprise. I have a particular fondness for reformed Jacobites.