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June, 1746, Scotland

Bonnie Prince Charlie is getting smuggled out of Scotland.

A flag flies with Join or Die on it.

Jamie resigns his position as Indian agent, which doesn't go over well with some, and a fellow is talking to Lord John about it. John has no doubt he can allay the guy's fears.

Claire and Jamie are in Wilmington. Jamie has been asked by a man named Cornelius to raise a glass to king and something. They're going to see Flora MacDonald, who I believe was the woman smuggling the prince.

Claire and Jamie chitchat about Fergus and Jocasta. Yes, Flora was the woman. She was emblematic of the cause. Former Jacobites are eager to join the loyalist cause. They stood behind the prince, but now, knowing what he knows from Claire and Bree, he must break his tendency to remain loyal to the crown.

Jamie finds Cornelius Harnett in the pub, sharing their similar view of the king.

They give each other kudos for their intellect and words. It's a risk for Harnett to seek out Jamie, especially given his association with Governor Tryon. Seeing him in person, Harnett considers Jamie bold and willing to ask questions.

They have a secret handshake. The Sons of Liberty will be meeting at the bar the next night, as the barkeep is sympathetic to the cause.

Jamie begins leaving, but spots the bullocks of Stephen Bonnet in a jar on the mantlepiece.

Roger is fixing the woman he and Bree have taken under their wings, Mistress MacCallum's, hearth. He's singing a song from his time when she asks to hear it.

She hopes he'll teach Aiden the song.

Bree, Marsali, Lizzie, and Malva are looking for a good spot for Bree to put a water wheel when they find what appears to be a lover's spell. Malva thinks it's Mistress Maccallum's.

Lizzie gets dizzy, and Bree worries it's malaria.

Claire and Jamie find Lord John. John has lovely things to say about William. And Jocasta arrives with her husband.

Jocasta bought Fergus a print shop in New Bern, and Marsali will join him there so that there is less to worry about with Henri-Christian.

Lizzie has a fever and the shakes.

Mistress MacDonald arrives. She and Jamie trade memories abaout being young.

Flora's room was ransacked. One emerald from her necklace wasn't recovered.

Bree mentions the love charm they discovered and how it had come from a fisher family. Roger likes that Mistress MacCallum needs him. Bree doesn't. He finds her and her knowledge amazing, but he wants to contribute, so that means helping Mistress MacCallum.

Claire takes the gals outside to smoke pot.

Flora doesn't like that her name will always be associated with Prince Charles. Jocasta always wanted to meet a royal, but thinks maybe now she doesn't. Claire doesn't have warm fuzzy feelings about her time with royals, either.

Jocasta remembers Murtagh. She still recalls his face, and if her eyes gave her that, she shouldn't speak ill of them.

While outside. Claire helps herself to some ether before joining Jamie again.

After Flora's speech, John addresses Jamie's name on a list of men associated with the Sons of Liberty. He tells Jamie that he has to disassociate with them immediately. As they discuss it, someone alerts them to trouble in town. There was a pamphlet with Flora on it, and all hell breaks loose. Jamie gets tar flung at him.

Jamie is worried about what the settlers on the Ridge will think of him when they find out he broke his promise to the king.

Now, they bear allegience to the new nation, not laird or king.

Roger is helping Tom and Allan with the church's bell. He goes in first and finds Malva making out with someone. She theatens Roger. If he mentions a word, she'll tell everyone she's seen him kissing Mistress MacCallum.

That's what Roger needs to pull away from the MacCallums, but he's talked into lunch and tales of his Mohawk capture. She wants him to sit at the head of the table, and he does so gingerly.

Jocasta and Jamie have words that send her to her chamber. Mary mentions that Jacosta hasn't been the same since Murtagh died. She worries Jocasta is losing her mind. Jamie thinks she's lost her heart.

Roger returns home with word that he's asked Henderson to check in on Amy MacCallum. Bree and Roger are having another child.

Malva goes to a tent in the woods to take a dead old man's fingers. She's going to make a love charm.

Jamie goes to meet with John. He wanted to tell John that he was one of the Sons of Liberty, but John knows where the meeting is, hoping Jamie will go in as a spy. Jamie knows better. John is angry, wondering if Jamie sees him as the face of tyranny.

Jamie wants John to go with them. He wants John to find out for himself what the men thing. Jamie wants him to delay the soldiers. When John sees how serious Jamie is about the topic, he agrees.

Jamie says that if decency is truly to be common to all men, it must start with them.

They argue so long that the soldiers arrive early, and Jamie rushes to resettle the scene.

Marsali is packing when Bree visits. She recognizes that Bree is pregnant.

Claire and Jamie leave Wilmington. She thought she heard something. In the local jail, a dirty man is singing a military song. In his hand is a green emerald. It's a song from The Bridge on the River Kwai from 1957. It's got to be Buck.

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Outlander Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Claire: And how is William?
John: Nearly as tall as me, and he bests me at chess almost every game.
Jamie: Well, I hope to have the honor of playing with him one day.
John: Well, it's not only chess. He talks of politics like a politician, of history like a historian, and his knowledge of literature and the modern languages is, well, I hardly know where to begin.

Jamie: Lord John. I didn't account you to be among Mistress MacDonald's many admirers.
John: It should come as no surprise. I have a particular fondness for reformed Jacobites.