Constance: Being a vessel is my calling and it matters to me. Mother Sal doesn't get a say in that and neither do you.
Dutch: Okay, good.
Constance: I want to finish this. For the baby and for me. Will you help us?
Dutch: I'm no quitter either.

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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 4: "Vessel"
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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

My team's job is to transport people. We're very good at it. I can keep Constance safe.


Delle Seyah: I need you to transport a young woman to Qresh. Provided you can keep your lovers in check.
Dutch: Pardon?
Delle Seyah: This girl rarely encounters men. It's critical she's kept unmolested.
Dutch: I think my lovers can handle that.