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The Killjoys chase a warrant through Old Town. Unfortunately, the criminal gets himself blown up. Good thing Level 4 warrants are dead or alive.

Back on Leith, Bellus introduces Dutch to Delle Seyah Kendry of The Nine.

The woman informs Dutch she requires her to transport a young woman to Qresh. This Leithian vessel is carrying the last of one of the nine families bloodlines. If the child does not survive, it could mean all out war in the Quad.

Delle Seyah had lost contact with the vessel, but Dutch visited Alvis who shared his intel.

After an attack, the surrogates went into hiding in the badlands. The Killjoys were forced to use their rambler because, "Bad air makes ship go boom" Dutch explained to D'avin.

Once they located the fortress, Dutch convinced the nuns they were on their side.

Suddenly, the security system was breached and the girls began to panic. D'avin was left in charge of keeping them calm, while Johnny and Jenny (a techy vessel) worked to get the system back online.

Though only ten minutes passed, that was enough time for assassins to enter the fortress. Dutch took care of one, but there were more outside.

Luckily, the surrogates had their own private arsenal and everyone made their way to the rambler guns blazing. Sadly, Jenny was forced to sacrifice herself for her sisters.

Aboard Lucy, Constance was close to giving birth so the team rushed to Qresh only to find its airspace access denied to them. Dutch, fed up with Qreshi politics forced a landing and called out Delle Seyah to embrace Qresh's newest son.

Though she forced her hand and made her a few enemies, Delle Seyah was impressed with Dutch. She asked one of her guards to look into the female Killjoy.

John inquired into D'avin's mysterious doctor, they would find her together. He also made D'av promise to think of Dutch as a sister. His big brother agreed.

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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

My team's job is to transport people. We're very good at it. I can keep Constance safe.


Delle Seyah: I need you to transport a young woman to Qresh. Provided you can keep your lovers in check.
Dutch: Pardon?
Delle Seyah: This girl rarely encounters men. It's critical she's kept unmolested.
Dutch: I think my lovers can handle that.