Daisy: You okay?
Coulson: Just a wardrobe malfunction. You?
Daisy: Yeah. Turns out they have PCP in space.

Coulson: We don’t even know you did this!
Daisy: I was right in the epicenter.
Coulson: I won’t let you sacrifice yourself because you’re scared of what’s to come.
Daisy: What’s to come is the end of *everything*!
May: If you can change the future, you can change it from back home!
Daisy: But we know the solution works! We can stop this today!
Coulson: No, it’s not about today. It’s about *tomorrow*. Even if we solve this problem, the world is never safe, the job goes on, *we* go on.

Enoch: This inhuman boy, Flint. You say his geokinesis is the key to building a new monolith, to your returning home?
Coulson: Technically, Robin said it to May, but yeah, that’s the idea.
Enoch: And… how exactly will that work?
Coulson: We have a monolith shard FitzSimmons said it has a unique crystalline structure that he can… [sighs] It’s a rock. Flint controls rocks. I don’t know.

Coulson: An old woman tells you she’s your daughter. And that you’ll save the world from cracking apart. Doesn’t happen everyday.
May: It’s hard to believe…
Coulson: That we can do it?
May: That I was a mom. I just… I can’t see it.
Coulson: I can.

May: Looks like you had a rough landing!
Coulson: Yeah, can’t recommend the airline. Inexperienced pilots, a lot of turbulence. Ran out of pretzels in coach!

Coulson: So! Taking off is easy enough, docking is the hard part, and landing... that's impossible on account of these ships weren't built with landing gear.
Daisy: So you have no idea what you're doing.
Coulson: Had a flying car. How different can it be?

Come on! A room full of secret agents, scientists, and superheroes! Someone give me something!

Tess: Flint, this is Yo-Yo, she’s Inhuman, too.
Flint: Yeah, I kinda figured that already. Why aren’t you living down on the Kree levels?
Yo-Yo: I’m not really from here.
Coulson: None of us are. And she’s not the only Inhuman with us.
Flint [glances at Mack]: You mean this guy.
Yo-Yo: No, he’s just cool.

Deke: Okay, this is probably the part where I should explain--
Coulson: No, this is the part where May breaks your *face*! You explaining? Kinda secondary!

Coulson: They’re using newborns as a commodity?!
Deke: How do you think things are done around here? It’s the only way anyone can have kids.
Coulson: I’m sorry, the *only* way?
Deke: People don’t get *pregnant* anymore.
Coulson: Super. And the vibe goes full dystopian!

Mack: You were all pinned to the wall, flailing around like a bunch of hungry hungry hippos!
Coulson: Huh. In my mind it was cooler than that.

Say what you will about our future dystopian horror show... it has a nice view.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

Ward: You know, last time I suggested we work together you called me a deluded son of a bitch.
Coulson: Things change. I'm offering you a deal. Help me and I'll let you walk away; free and clear. No more looking over your shoulder.
Ward: When something's too good to be true, it's a lie.
Coulson: Not lying. I tried to stick with you before, didn't work so well. So, I'm offering a carrot.
Ward: I'm listening.
Coulson: Get me inside. After that, I put you through the T.A.H.I.T.I. protocol and then you're free to go.
Ward: Wipe my memories? Wow that sounds like a threat, not a carrot.

If Coulson doesn't make it out, you get that closure you've been searching for. Closure's not something I ever put much stock in. What I believe in, is moving forward. Never looking back.