Bree: Perception is reality, Andrew. And if people perceive me to have a drinking problem, then I do. And I certainly don't want some idiotic judge using my hobby as an excuse to make you rich. So I'm simply going to give up my wine and become a recovering alcoholic.
Andrew: Good plan, but it'll never work. See, I'll bet you still end up coming to court hammered.
Bree: Oh, Andrew, you don't think I love you enough to give up alcohol?
Andrew: Look, I'm seventeen, all right? So, you can only keep me here for another year. Why not just let me go?
Bree: Because I'm not done with you yet. It's my job to teach you and you are not half the man I know you can be.
Andrew: Yeah, well, I got news for you. This is as good as I'm gonna get.
Bree: If I really thought that, I'd get a gun right now and kill us both.

Bree: For god sakes, it was an honest mistake. I thought I could have just a little bit of wine with dinner, but, apparently, my body couldn't handle it. Fine! If it makes everybody happy, I will just suffer through my sneezing fits and my hives on my own. There. Is that better?
Andrew: So basically you would rather drink than to not have allergies?

Andrew: I wonder how they'll react when they find out you killed George Williams.
Bree: I didn't kill George!
Andrew: Well, no, but you sat there and let him die, which ,I'm no lawyer but I'm pretty sure there's a crime in there somewhere.

Bree: (after seeing her son kiss his boyfriend outside) Get over here. Now!
Andrew: Somebody's angry. Did one of your souffls fall?
Bree: I saw what you did with your friend.
Andrew: Oh! And you didn't turn into a pillar of salt? Good for you.
Bree: This is not a joke, Andrew. What if the neighbors had seen you?
Andrew: Oh, I'd hope they'd think that I landed a hottie.

Bree: Okay, first of all I want you to march back upstairs and tell your friend he is no longer welcome in this house!
Andrew: But we haven't even had breakfast yet.

Andrew: When the cops get here, my official position will be "Oh, my god, I'm being raised by a homicidal maniac!" I think I might even throw in a few tears.
Bree: You would actually let the police arrest your own mother?
Andrew: Hey, we all gotta cut the apron strings at some point.

Bree: Andrew, don't you have a meet at the swim club?
Andrew: Yeah. So?
Bree: Doesn't it require a large entrance fee? One that you can't afford by yourself?
Andrew: Are you blackmailing me into coming into dinner?
Bree: Oh, you don't know the lengths I'd go to for even seating.

Andrew: Have you ever actually been with a woman?
George: Excuse me?
Andrew: Well, let's be honest. I think it's obvious by the way that you talk and act that you're not a player. So, I was just curious to find out if you had ever actually gotten in the game.
George: My experience with women is none of your business.
Andrew: I think it is. I mean, you're dating my mom. And we both know that at your age, dating's a little more than just holding hands.
George: We're not dating, exactly.
Andrew: Well, sure you are. And you know what? I think it's great, but I want to make sure my mom's happy, you know and it would really set my mind at ease to know she's with a guy who knows how to please a lady.
George: This is inappropriate.
Andrew: You know, my parents had a great sex life. Yeah, I heard 'em through the wall in my bedroom once.
George: Please shut up.
Andrew: You should have heard my mom, too. She had this, this weird moan. It was kinda like "ummm, uh!" Isn't that bizarre? That's the sound my mom makes when she climaxes.

Bree: Honey, the feelings that you're having are perfectly normal, but George isn't trying to take your father's place. He's, well, he's just a friend.
Andrew: Really? Just a friend? So you're not planning on getting more serious with this guy in the future?
Bree: You know, I haven't even thought about it.
Andrew: You're so transparent, it's pathetic. You're worried about a ripped T-shirt humiliating this family? Wait 'till people see that you're dating the town nerd less than a month after your husband's funeral.

I know she's probably a bitch, but she's family; that makes her our bitch.

Phyllis: (talking about Rex) I even kept the dirty magazine that he hid under his mattress. He didn't think I knew about it, but I did.
Andrew: Well, looks like dad was into big breasts.
Phyllis: Oh, yes. That's why I was surprised when he married your mother.

Desperate Housewives Quotes

There is a prayer intended to give strength to people faced with circumstances they don't want to accept. The power of the prayer comes from it's insight into human nature. Because so many of us rage against the hand that life has dealt us. Because so many of us are cowardly. And afraid to stand up for what is right. Because so many of us give into despair when faced with an impossible choice. The good news for those who utter these words is that God will hear you and answer your prayer. The bad news is that sometimes the answer is no.

Mary Alice

I love you once. I love you twice. I love you more than beans and rice.