I don't think you can have an echo in a big open space like this...

He'll know that I know that he knows. You know?

Proper presentation prevents poor performance.

You have my undivided attention. Now tell me what happened.

What it lacks in good grammar, it more than makes up for in vision and passion.

Equitable and civil. Let's do this. Alright. Here we go.

Why do you say that like you think I'm running a Hooters franchise?

Something around here has got to stay the way it should be.


I was clinging to my past instead of looking at my future.

The only think you owe me is bringing back vintage Divya, because this is starting to remind me of the Twilight Zone.

Ok. So please stop being so nice to me, it's making me feel very uncomfortable. Thanks.

I think we're about to go Google.