Jules: Hey JJ. That's your girl name.
Travis: Of course.

(to Ellie) One of us! One of us! One of us!

Jules, Andy, Grayson

Jules: Some of us over did it at the pre no more alimony party party, so I made these margaritas with crushed up aspirin.
Andy: They should market this to drunks! Or us.

Wooo! How can I do woo wrong?

I can't relate to this dude. He's even to redneck from me and I have a cousin named Grits.

Bobby: How do you say R U I N?
Jules: Roin?

Jules: I'm starting a new list. Most boring game?
Ellie: Penny can.

You know why I like to keep these notepads around? Because I like to keep lists.

I can be mean Grayson. Look Travis's favorite poster. (She rips it) Oh gosh, I think I'm going to throw up.

(to Andy) I just love our girl time.

Grayson: What did you do?
Jules: I cracked the code.

Jules: Come on, gimmie a reason. Crack the code!
Ellie: Why did they take so long to tell you?

Cougar Town Quotes

Heads up tiny eyes. Once you go Andy all the rest is blandy.


Drums and guitar, you're so lucky.